Bento + WordPress

at Cloudfest Hackathon 2022

The Bento project provides a set of easy-to-use and highly performant open source web components that can be used to accelerate web development and reliably produce web sites with great page experience.

This project aims to use these web components as the technical foundation for the design elements (blocks) in the Gutenberg edit,or, the default content editor for the WordPress project. By doing so, we want to build a starter website template that gets you started with full performance benefits.

To ensure we uncover all technical difficulties for such an approach and produce a usable outcome at the end of the Hackathon, we are defining a particular (tightly defined) business domain we want to solve for and then scope our implementation vertically across that entire domain. We’ll start with the most naïve implementation possible, and then gradually strengthen this with Bento components and the use of PX-improving best practices.